Speaking of my main squeeze, 

am the wife of a hunk named JT and no, not the Timberlake kind

(but better).

If he's not around, I'm probably looking for

a vanilla latte at one of

Minneapolis's many

coffee shops or

staring at pictures

of my adorable

niece and nephew.

(Mine are cuter than yours, wanna bet?!)

Hey, I'm Abigail.

Minneapolis is home to me and I'm probably out getting a burrito on Lake Street with

my main squeeze. 

Why do I do this in the first place?

Two reasons:

1. On a wedding day, as the photographer, I end up being in charge of the flow of the day. Wow, that's a big task.

But it makes me come alive.

Your trust is something I am so honored to have. Being there in the front row to not only watch but document the unfolding of one of life's most memorable moments--that to me is an honor I cannot say thanks for enough.

Aaaand sometimes your groomsmen are goofballs that cannot be tamed or your family is massive and terrible listeners, so you wish me good luck getting a good photo.

Don't worry. I got this.

2. Tell me what you need. Yes, I probably have a bobby pin and I'll make sure you're drinking enough water. Do you need to go to the bathroom before family photos? I'm going to let the two of you love birds walk behind me a little bit so you can have a moment to yourselves on this special day. Are you tired of talking to people? Let me steal you away for a minute. Do you want to adjust the schedule so you can chill for a sec? Absolutely. Does your grandpa make bad jokes all the time? Oh, I can roll with the best of 'em.

This is why I love what I do.

My photography style?

Comfortable, classy, and emotional.

I am candid photo's biggest fan,

yet also understand that

being in front of a camera

is not the most

natural-feeling thing.

No worries.

I will do nearly anything to make you laugh, keep it light and fun, all while capturing who you are and 

what you're feeling in a

series of snapshots.