What is included in your wedding packages?

Think of it as a salad bar. Take it, or leave it. In order to serve couples well, rather than offering a few packages to chose from--none of which may actually suit your wedding day needs--I offer each service as is. That way, you will only pay for what you need and not be stuck with a higher price because you had to pay for something you weren't thrilled about because it was "part of the package." That being said, if you DO decide you want all the services I offer, there is a special deal, because I really believe going all out is the most fun!

What is the process of booking a wedding?

Step one: fall in love. Step two: get engaged. Step three: GET MARRIED!

Of course, it's not that simple, but I reeaalllly hope I can help make it feel that simple. Once you take a look around my website and decide you're down to possibly work with me, you'll go to my contact page and send me a message saying "hey, we should talk details!" Then I'll send you pricing information and we will find a time to grab coffee (or Facetime if you're out of town... I'll probably still drink coffee if that's okay). Then, you'll tell me all about how you fell in love, how he proposed, and your plans so far (or lack-thereof!) If you decide to do the dang thing and work with me, wahoo! Based on the details you share with me and the vision for your perfect wedding day, I'll help put together a day-of timeline and we'll schedule an engagement session for your favorite season. Simple? Thought so.

What will photography look like on my wedding day?

If you don't have any modeling experience, then we're a good fit. My #1 goal on your wedding day is to make sure you can focus on your new spouse and how much you love each other rather than the camera. No need to worry about 'where do I put my hands?' since I'll be there to direct you. I avoid stiff posing in order to capture you and your boo's natural interactions, but I give you plenty of direction so that you never have to feel confused or awkward in front of the camera. When we meet, I gather all kinds of information which helps me learn your priorities for your special day. If you are most excited for a great mix of bridal party photos, I will make sure to have enough time for that. If you know Grandma Doris is really looking forward to having a big family photo and you want to honor that, I'll get that too! I am able to organize people quickly and work efficiently behind the scenes so that you can relax and enjoy your day with your friends, family, and--most importantly--your new life-long partner!